Help us get from A to B directly…and help add significantly more study time to our school year!

So we can’t create more hours in the day but we CAN find ways to maximise our time and the opportunities we offer our pupils.

Help us open up ALL the delights of the city and it’s surroundings to our pupils…

Montessori pupils learn through real experience in the community, with a small, dedicated minibus our pupils could really make the most of their ‘going out’ time.

We would dearly like to open up the possibility of spontaneous, study related trips for our older pupils. Being able to jump into their own dedicated vehicle and head straight to their point of interest would save them hours of time currently spent negotiating public transport.

We would like to purchase a second hand minibus like the one pictured. We need to raise £15,000 towards the cost of the bus, insurance and initial operating costs. We are aiming to do this by July 2017 so we can begin zooming about town in August 2017.

If you can only give a little, or indeed can give a lot…your help will go a long long way no matter what!





raised of a £15,000.00 goal

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