Application Process

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Admissions step by step 

  • Contact the office (by phone or e-mail) to request an application form for the relevant classroom (Infant Community 1-3 years old, Children’s House 3-6 years old, Elementary 6-12 years old).
  • Families are invited to visit/tour the school and speak to the Manager or Principal. Children are welcome to attend the visit. The office is able to advise you of the next available tour date.
  • Application forms are accepted throughout the year. The primary intake for Children’s House and Elementary is August, with a second intake in January. It may be possible to join Infant Community at the start of the summer term (March/April)
  • Once your application form is returned and you have paid the £60 application fee, your child’s place in the Waiting Pool will be confirmed.
  • In the term before your child’s preferred start date, you will be contacted with either an offer-of-place (which will include your preferred sessions wherever possible) or an indication that your child remains in the Waiting Pool.
  • In order to accept the place, you must confirm your acceptance in writing (either letter or e-mail) and pay the relevant fees. This acceptance comprises a legal document that binds both the family and school to the Terms and Conditions.
  • If you choose not to accept an offered place, you may postpone your child’s start date. He or she then re-enters the Waiting Pool.